X-Soln. recommends diluting Bio-Clean. What are examples of dilution ratios and what would the uses be for said ratios?

That’s a great question (I like questions that don’t have easy answers)! In a nut shell, manufactures will often give dilution recommendations for concentrated formulas that will produce the best results for the majority of the tasks that product will be used for. Let’s take All-Purpose-Cleaners (APCs) for example – our Tsunami Specialty Cleaner in particular. We can recommend it at 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part Tsunami) which is what we consider to be our “Ready-To-Use” (RTU)/Retail formula, but Tsunami is capable of SO much more!

8:1 – Upholstery/Headliners

4:1 – Exteriors, Jams, Trim, etc

2:1 – Engine Compartments

1:1 – Wheel/Rim Cleaner

So, as you can see, most of our concentrated versions of our products are really rather versatile. The best “rule of thumb” around here is go with what works best for the task at hand! For heavily soiled areas, you can use Bio-Clean at full strength. For less soiled areas that you’re just trying to tidy up, you can cut Bio-Clean 4:1. Make sense?

Use the dilution chart I’ve linked below to really zero in on the strength of product you need! Thanks for the question!

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