Compounds: From Most Aggressive to Least Aggressive

So, you think you’re ready to get out your wheel and start compounding your vehicle. But where do you start? A good rule of thumb is, you can always go more aggressive. It’s kind of like cutting hair. You can always take more off, but you can’t reattach the hair if you cut too much off. LVR 503 Dynamic Cut is a real nice place to start. It’s a  1200 – 1500 sand scratch remover that is very easy to work with and can get more or less aggressive depending on the heat you are generating, the pressure you apply and/or the firmness of the pad you are using.

I’ve listed the following compounds in order of most aggressive to least aggressive.

LVR – 2 HEAVY SCRATCH REMOVING COMPOUND: sku: 4002  600 – 800 grit sand scratches

LVR 2 Heavy Scratch Remover is a Stage 1B that removes coarse scratches, heavy oxidation, orange peel, and 600-800 grit sand scratches on gel coats, clear coats and solid paints. Buff between 1600 RPMS & 1800 RPMS while wet to remove paint surface imperfections and wet sanding marks.  For that “Xtreme” finish, follow up with a Stage 3 polish! LVR 2 HEAVY SCRATCH REMOVER is amazing for restoring old and faded headlights!

LVR – 386 XTREME BITE COMPOUND: sku: 40386 600 – 1200 grit sand scratches

LVR 386 Xtreme Bite is a “Stage 1” compound that removes “Xtreme” to heavy scratches, light orange peel and 600-1200 grit sand scratches on 2 stage paint surfaces. LVR 386 works quickly and cuts down on time and labor.

LVR – 305 WONDER CUT 1000 COMPOUND: sku: 40305 1000 – 1200 grit sand scratches

LVR 305 Wonder Cut 1000 is an abrasive cleaner that removes 1000 to 1200 sand marks, oxidation, water spots and many other paint surface problems. May be used on a two stage and conventional paints. This fast cutting liquid compound quickly    removes imperfections. The professional detailer will find a major difference in time and performance when using Wonder Cut 1000.  Use an Xtreme Stage 3 product as a great follow up.

It is a coarse, crude cutting compound that is designed for economical, aggressive defect removal without much regard for finish – it is going to require a 2nd step. This product utilizes alumina oxide and alumina silicate which is much harder and faster clear coat removal. This product will appear to be a bit drier and won’t have as long or smooth of a cycle as LVR 421 Quick Cut, but should still wipe down just fine. Higher cutting compounds tend to require being drier and more dusty due to the nature of getting the most out of the abrasive on the clear coat.

LVR – 306 HAND SCRATCH REMOVER: sku: 40306 1200 – 1500 grit sand scratches

LVR 306Hand Scratch Remover is a Stage 1B polishing compound that can be used on clear coat and conventional auto finishes when removing paint defects and medium to light surface imperfections. Follow up with a Stage 3 Product for an ”Xtreme” finish. This product was designed to be used by hand.

LVR – 503 DYNAMIC CUT COMPOUND: sku: 40503 1200 – 1500 grit sand scratches

LVR 503 Dynamic Cut Compound is the most impressive compound to ever hit the detailing world! Designed for the removal of 1200 grit sand scratches or finer, Dynamic Cut works impeccably with little to zero dusting! Dynamic Cut stays wetter longer giving you  more cutting time to get even the toughest jobs done quickly! Dynamic Cut  can be used with a DA or rotary polisher and a cutting wool, foam pad, or microfiber pad.

LVR-410 EXOTIC CUT: sku: 40410 Synthetic – Heat activated – The firmer the pad and more heat generated, the deeper the cut

EXOTIC CUT is a “Stage 1B” HIGH LINE polishing compound that can be used on clear coat and conventional auto finishes for an “Xtreme Solution” in removing paint defects and medium to light surface imperfections. Follow up with a Stage 3 Product. For an Xtreme finish use our LVR 404 Helios Polishing Glaze for light colored cars or LVR 403 Foam Pad Polishing Glaze for dark colored cars!

LVR – 421 QUICK CUT COMPOUND: sku: 40421 2000 grit sand scratches or finer

LVR 421 Quick Cut Compound is a “Stage 1” abrasive cleaner that removes 2000 grit sand scratches, oxidation, and water spots. A quick cutting, fast acting compound, LVR 421 Quick Cut finishes with a high gloss and very little surface swirling. LVR Quick Cut is great for all types of painted surfaces and is easy to clean up!

This is usually designed as a 2nd stage compound or a low cost one-step and won’t often be aggressive enough to go after deeper defects because it is utilize strictly a lamellar kaolinite clay and does not contain any alumina silicate or alumina oxide for heavier bite but finishes down very well as the abrasive is soft – the blend is also a tan/brown color as a result of the abrasive choice. It’s also very wet or oily which gives it a long cycle time and very easy polisher glide and wipe off.

LVR-411 LITE FINISHING CUT: sku: 40411 2500 – 3000 grit sand scratch

LVR 411 Lite Finishing Cut is a “Stage 1B” polishing compound that will remove minor finish imperfections, compounding scratches, light oxidation, swirl marks and over-spray. Follow up with a “Stage 3” product for that “XTREME” finish!

XTREME MICROFIBER CUTTING CRÈME & POLISH: sku: 40490 1500 or finer grit sand scratches

Xtreme Microfiber Cutting Crème and Polish is an aggressive polish formulated with an advanced abrasive system. This new technology enables the user to remove many heavy surface imperfections with a dual action buffer using a microfiber pad. Xtreme Microfiber Cutting Crème & Polish is fortified with polymers and waxes so it can be used as a one step on many finishes. To achieve the ultimate in gloss and protection, follow up with” Xtreme Microfiber Finishing Crème & Wax” as a second step!

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