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What better way to show off that you are part of Team Xtreme than sporting an Xtreme Solutions Vinyl Decal!? And since you are part of Team Xtreme we’d like you to have the decal on us! That’s right, we want you to have a decal and it’s 100% free*! Simply add one to your cart and we’ll mail it right out to ya!

Xtreme Solutions Vinyl Decals are available in several styles.

  1. Rectangular – 2″x 4″
  2. Laser Cut Outlined – 1″ x 4″

Of course, if you’d like both in a bundle, those are available too at a slight cost.

What’s that!? 1″ x 4″ decal is too small to show off your Xtreme Pride!? We’ve got you covered. The Laser Cut Outlined decal is also available in an 8″ x 3″ size. Looks great for wash buckets, cabinet doors and lockers!

NOTE: Bundles and 8″ x 3″ sized decals are not eligible to be free. If multiple free decals are selected, Xtreme Solutions Staff will randomly select ONE decal to be included with order.

*Shipping rates may apply. Free shipping available on orders over a certain amount.

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decal style:

2"x4" Rectangle, 1"x4"Laser Cut Outline, Bundle of 2, 8"x3" Laser Cut Outline, Bundle of 3

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