$49.99 + Tax


Riddle me this, Batman… WHAT’S IN THE BOX!?

Well, You, the fans have spoken (A special shout out to PapaSmurf918 on YouTube)! Because you demanded it, Xtreme Solutions is proud to offer our first ever Mystery Box!

What’s in it you ask!? Well, don’t, because then it wouldn’t be a mystery! We can say that you’re going to love it and that for less than fifty bucks, you’re guaranteed to get a minimum of $80 worth of stuff! We’re nuts and nothing is off limits – If it fits, It ships! (but we were told that decals HAVE to be included, so there is that assurance…)

  • Can I get brushes? Sure – it’s possible!
  • Gosh, I sure would like a hat or something I can wear! Roll the dice and take your chances, friend! (or just outright buy the swag, there is that option)
  • What about pads? Umm… Yep, it’s possible!
  • Can I get a polish? Why the heck not!? It’s possible!
  • You said decals, so I’m for sure going to get decals? Definitely!!
  • Even your graphene spray!? Sheesh… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Shop supplies, ceramics, polishes, waxes, compounds… It’s all on the table! Don’t know what to get that special person in your life for a gift? Let the Fates decide and get them an Xtreme Solutions Mystery Box – the possibilities are limitless!


And now for the fine print…
  • $49.99 Gets You $80+ Value
  • Not Eligible For Discounts
  • No Returns, Refunds Or Exchanges
  • Multiple Purchases may contain similar items.