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Xtreme Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating is a sprayable variant of a reduced, graphene-oxide modified ceramic coating that produces a clear, nano-crystalline coating film that protects all types of substrates from weather, chemicals, physical abrasion, corrosion, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants via a strong self cleaning effect. Xtreme Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating applies a hard, inert film that is thinner than a typical ceramic paint coating but imparts a deep, reflective shine and is incredibly easy to use. This product is best used as topper or utility spray sealant to a more durable paint coating or as a maintenance spray to protect a more durable coating. VOC Compliant.

Directions: Shake well before use. Saturate a suede applicator, microfiber towel or similar with numerous trigger sprays. To avoid overspray, it is not advised to spray it directly onto the surface. Apply the coating directly to a 6×6 ft2 area of the substrate using a cross-hatch pattern with slight overlap to assist in leveling the product. Allow the coating to flash (between 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes) and observe a rainbow effect. Wipe down the coating until no more rainbow streaking is prevalent. Apply additional coats with one hour of cure in between layers. Do NOT allow coating to come in contact with water for 24-48 hours while curing – if it does, remove water promptly. Do NOT apply in direct sunlight or to a hot surface. Cure time is dependent on environmental conditions – test product on a small inconspicuous area first to gauge cure time.

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