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Xtreme Degreaser quickly dissolves grease, dirt and road film.



Xtreme Degreaser is a fantastic engine degreaser and wheel cleaner. It is the go-to product for cleaning engine compartments, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, fiberglass boat bodies, and vinyl convertible roofs. Xtreme Degreaser is a unique combination of emulsifiers, detergent builders and butyl degreasers. It quickly dissolves grease, dirt and road film. This highly concentrated formula perfect for cutting through grease. This highly concentrated* formula attacks filth in your car’s toughest areas to keep clean, making your life a whole lot easier!

Features & Details:
  • Xtreme Degreaser destroys accumulated grime, brake dust, and filth in your car’s hardest to reach places.  Whether it’s a tricky engine compartment or getting behind your rims, the degreaser is up to the challenge.
  • Get a degreaser that lasts.  Our formula is super concentrated* so that a little bit goes a long way.  You can dilute with water if desired, or just spray directly onto a surface.
  • Xtreme Degreaser is no one-trick pony!  In addition, to use on wheels and car engines, customers also use the degreaser on items such as concrete floors and boat compartments.



*Clarification On Sizes & Dilutions:

This product is available on the internet in pints or gallons. Pints are sold in a “Ready-To-Use (R.T.U.)” formula and have already been diluted to our recommended dilution ratio (4:1). Gallons are sold as a concentrate and can be diluted to whatever strength as needed.

**Other sizes and concentrates are available.**

**Please Contact 877-Ask-Xtreme or sales@877askxtreme.com for details**

Please Note: Spigots for 5gal containers are sold separately.


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