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Most forms of dirt will wash off when you wash your car – cool. We get that. However, some damaging particles bond to your car’s paint finish instantly and others adhere slowly under the heat of the sun. Those bumps and the roughness you feel on your vehicle’s paint are bonded contaminants. Bonded contaminants can range from factory fallout, to brake dust, tree sap mist, road grime, and even paint over-spray and other junk that have bonded to your car’s paint finish. To remove these bonded contaminants and bring back a perfectly smooth finish, you must clean your car using clay.

Xtreme Solutions X-Lube and Clay Kits are the perfect team-up for removing those bonded contaminates! A good detailing claying system will work by hydroplaning (floating) over the surface you’re cleaning. Xtreme’s X-Lube creates the barrier between the clay and your car’s paint!

X-Lube & Clay Kit’s come with 16oz pint of X-Lube, your choice of clay, and two 80/20 Microfiber Towels.


  • X-LUBE is  a lubricating spray  specially  formulated to work with Xtreme Solutions clay bar or clay products. When used in conjunction with a clay bar or clay products, such as the Nano-Clay Towel and the Nano-Clay Disc for use with a DA, X-lube allows the user to remove contaminants from the vehicles paint surface. Be sure that the vehicle you are about to clay is free from heavy, loose dirt and debris.


  • Our clay bars glide over the paint surface while removing embedded particles, bonded contaminates and debris, leaving your car primed and ready for buffing. Available in 50g and 200g bars!


  • The synthetic clay block body sponge effectively removes paint overspray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust, bird droppings, light oxidation, brake dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, moldings and plastic.


  • The Paint Correction Nano-Clay Microfiber Towel can be reused up to 60 times – 3 times the amount of a clay bar at a fraction of the cost! It is the perfect clay bar alternative with only half the effort but a much better result because of the microfiber action. The clay towel safely and easily removes paint overspray, airborne deposits, grains of metal, bug splatter, sticky tar, rail dust, tree sap and more. This clay towel combines our tried and true microfiber towels with a high tech polymerized rubber coating to remove surface impurities.


  • The ULTIMATE in body-prepping your vehicle! The Nano-Disc Paint Correction Pad can be reused up to 50 times – 3 times the use of a clay bar at a fraction of the price! It is the perfect clay bar alternative with minimal effort. The Nano-Disc safely and easily removes paint overspray, airborne deposits, grains of metal, bug splatter, sticky tar, rail dust, tree sap and more. Note: One disc per pack.


Directions: Wash the vehicle thoroughly. Mist a small area of the vehicles surface and then rub the clay’s surface cleaning material across the lubricated surface. Use a soft cloth and wipe area until dry.  If using the clay bars, be sure to shape the clay by kneading and flattening until the clay is smooth and contaminate free before each use. Gluide the clay over a lubricated surface in a cross-hatch motion until the vehicle’s surface is smooth and “bump” free. Repeat until the surface is as smooth as glass.

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Medium Clay Bar 50g, Fine Clay Bar 200g, Medium Clay Bar 200g, Clay Block Body Sponge, Nano- Clay Paint Correction Microfiber Towel, Nano-Disc Clay Paint Correction Pad

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