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Jersey Devil does NOT react well with cold temperatures!
Purchases made as of February 20th, 2021, Xtreme Solutions will no longer be responsible for frozen, separated and/or defective product caused during the shipping process due to weather. Please keep this in mind when ordering Jersey Devil.


Tis the season for gift giving and what better gift to give than an Xtreme Trinity Holiday Bundle Pack!? Three of your favorite Xtreme Show Stoppers in one perfect gift bag – a pint each of Jersey Devil – SiO2 Infused Waterless Wash, PolySeal Hybrid Polymer Spray Sealant, and Topper™ – Top Coat Lubricant & Protectant! You already love these products – now you can share the love with Friends, Family and Loved Ones (or your neighbors, mail-person, garbage man, butcher, teacher… Ooo, or your dumb “friend” that always “borrowing” your car supplies and never gives them back.. yeah, even THAT guy!)

The Xtreme Trinity Holiday Bundle Pack comes with a festive gift bag just in time for the holidays*!

Jersey Devil – SiO2 Infused Waterless WashEnjoy the synergy of a waterless wash, detailing spray and a silica-infused paint sealant, all in one! Jersey Devil combines excellence in cleaning, lubrication, and sealing into a one-step “quick detailer”. Enjoy the added benefit of ceramic SiO2 protection in this incredible state of the art waterless wash! Straight from the Garden State, Jersey Devil is eco-friendly, while providing “devilish” cleaning and protection.

PolySeal Hybrid Polymer Spray Sealant is truly amazing and is revolutionizing the detailing industry! PolySeal is a hybrid sealant, which means, PolySeal is a synthetic wax infused with SiO2. The SiO2 is bonded with the synthetic wax and the wax is what sticks to your vehicle’s surface! The result is, that not only can you apply it to any surface, but you get the very best of both worlds! You get that velvety smoothness and high shine of a wax, as well as, that great hydrophobic protection of a ceramic coating!

Topper™ – Top Coat Lubricant & Protectant  is ultimate “topper” available on the market today! Silica infused, Topper brings unparalleled hyper-slickness, gloss and a mirror-like reflection! Topper™ is detergent resistant and uses cross-linking polymers to protect your vehicle’s top coat. Super user friendly, Topper™ can be applied to wet or dry surfaces and is totally safe to use on top of your current protectant; be it wax, ceramic or even other silica coatings!


*While supplies last! Hurry, these are flying out of the warehouse!