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The Wonder Bundle is the ultimate “one – two” punch for “true” paint correction! The Wonder Bundle includes every thing you need to get a flawless foundation for any finish – be it a sealant, wax and especially a ceramic coating! The Wonder Bundle includes a bottle of LVR 305 Wonder Cut 1000, LVR 367 ICE Polish, a 7″ Low-Lint Lambswool Pad, and a 6″ Uro-Fiber Pad,


LVR 305 Wonder Cut 1000: LVR 305Wonder Cut 1000 is an abrasive cleaner that removes 1000 to 1200 sand marks, oxidation, water spots and many other paint surface problems. May be used on a two stage and conventional paints. This fast cutting liquid compound quickly removes imperfections.

LVR 367 ICE Polish: LVR 367 Ice Polish is a unique polish that not only imparts a dazzling High Definition shine, but also removes buffer swirls, micro surface imperfections and light oxidation. LVR – 367 Ice Polish uses micro-abrasives and silica fluids to quickly and easily remove minor clear coat imperfections such as 3000 grit sand scratches and similar substrate imperfections.

Low-Lint Lambswool Pad by Lake Country – 7″: With superior cutting abilities, the Low Lint Lambswool Pads by Lake Country are used for heavy defect removal like oxidation, heavy swirls and scratches, and polishing on gel coats.

Uro-Fiber Pad – 6″:  Perhaps one of the most versitle pads on the market, the Uro-Fiber pad is capible of cutting, polishing and finishing all in one pad!


NOTE: This bundle is available in multiple formats.

  • Pints Only: Includes one pint of LVR 305 Wonder Cut 1000 compound and one pint of LVR 367 ICE Polish.
  • Pint Bundle: Includes one pint of LVR 305 Wonder Cut 1000 compound, one pint of LVR 367 ICE Polish, one Low-Lint Lambswool Pad, and one 6″ Uro-Fiber Pad.
  • Quart Bundle: Includes one quart of LVR 305 Wonder Cut 1000 Compound, one quart of LVR 367 ICE Polish, two Low-Lint Lambswool Pads, and two 6″ Uro-Fiber Pads.

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