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The ULTIMATE in body-prepping your vehicle! The Nano-Disc Paint Correction Pad can be reused up to 50 times – 3 times the use of a clay bar at a fraction of the price! It is the perfect clay bar alternative with minimal effort. The Nano-Disc safely and easily removes paint overspray, airborne deposits, grains of metal, bug splatter, sticky tar, rail dust, tree sap and more.

Directions: Thoroughly wash vehicle free of dust, sands and dirt. With rubber side down, polish the vehicle using an Xtreme Solutions product as a lubricant. Light pressure at low speed. During use, frequently rinse away accumulated dirt from rubber polymer surface. The 6 inch disc mounts to any DA Hook and Loop Backing Plate. Works best with X-LUBE Clay Lubricant since regular water  is not an adequate lubricant.

Use up to 50 times! No reshaping required. If inadvertently dropped on shop floor, simply rinse clean. Moisten Disc with X-LUBE Clay Lubricant  then moisten a portion of glass or other finished surface. Plain water is not an adequate lubricant.



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