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LVR 421 Quick Cut is a “Stage 1” abrasive cleaning compound.



LVR 421 Quick Cut is a “Stage 1” abrasive cleaner that removes 2000 grit/sand scratches, oxidation, and water spots. LVR 421 Quick Cut is a rapid cutting, fast-acting  compound that finishes with a high gloss and very little swirling. LVR 421 Quick Cut has  extremely easy clean-up and is great for all types of painted surfaces!

LVR 421 Quick Cut is typically used as a 2nd stage compound or a low cost one-step and won’t often be aggressive enough to go after deeper defects because it strictly utilizes a lamellar kaolinite clay and does not contain any alumina silicate or alumina oxide for heavier bite but finishes down very well as the abrasive is soft – the blend is also a tan/brown color as a result of the abrasive choice. It’s also very wet or oily which gives it a long cycle time and very easy polisher glide and wipe off

Directions: Shake well. For best results, use with a high speed buffer. Squeeze four dollops equally around the pad and work into the vehicles surface using a crosshatch method until desired paint correction is reached. Evenly distribute product to a 2’ by 2’ area. Using a foam or wool buff pad, buff with sufficient pressure until surface defects are removed. Ease up gradually as the  compound dissipates and gloss is achieved. For maximum results, follow-up with a “Stage 2” polish and a “Stage 3” glaze. For an Xtreme finish try topping with LVR 357 Magnum Wax or Poly-Seal Hybrid Polymer Spray Sealant!

LVR – 421 Quick Cut Compound is Body Shop Safe.

  • STAGE 1B
  • 2000 grit/sand scratch removal
  • VOC compliant
  • Does not contain silicones (is body shop safe) or fillers
  • Can be used with foam, wool, or microfiber pads and a DA or rotary polisher

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