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LVR – 410 Exotic Cut is a “Stage 1BHIGH LINE, synthetic polishing compound.



LVR 410 EXOTIC CUT is a Stage 1B “High-Line” polishing compound that can be used on clear coat and conventional auto finishes for an “Xtreme Solution” in removing paint defects and light to medium surface imperfections. LVR 410 Exotic Cut was developed to be used on “High-End” exotic cars that have a softer, wetter and often, a thinner paint.

Directions: For medium paint corrections use a Wool Cutting Pad. For light paint corrections, use a Light Cut Foam Pad. For best results, begin at a slow speed with moderate pressure and gradually use lighter pressure as the paint improves. Follow up with a Stage 3 product like LVR 403 Foam Pad Polishing Glaze or LVR 404 Helios Polishing Glaze . For an “Xtreme” finish top with LVR 357 Magnum Wax or Poly-Seal Hybrid Polymer Sealant!

LVR 410 Exotic Cut is Body Shop safe.

  • STAGE 1B
  • 2500 – 3000 grit/sand scratch removal
  • VOC compliant
  • Body Shop Safe


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