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LVR – 403 Foam Pad Polishing Glaze is a “Stage 2 / Stage 3” polishing AND sealing glaze.



LVR – 403 Foam Pad Polishing Glaze is a “Stage 2/3” polishing and sealing glaze specially formulated for dark colored vehicles. This unique polish not only imparts a dazzling gloss, it will also remove buffer swirls, micro-surface imperfections, and oxidation. Foam Pad Polishing Glaze removes 3000 grit sand scratches and similar substrate imperfections. Buffs without gumming or clogging pads, contains no silicones or waxes, and leaves a non-oily mirror-like finish! Dust free and complies with all VOC regulations!

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well. Apply a small amount to an area approximately 2 ft. by 2 ft. Buff slowly, beginning with firm even pressure. Gradually use less and less pressure as high gloss appears.

NOTE: Cures in 24 – 48 hours! DO NOT apply detergent wash or use solvents during that time!

  • STAGE 2/3
  • 3000 grit/sand scratch removal
  • VOC compliant




6 reviews for LVR – 403 FOAM PAD POLISHING GLAZE

  1. Chris Atchley (verified owner)

    Amazing Product, great for new car prep for ceramic coating. Really cleans up minor defects and leaves an amazing level of gloss. Waited 24 hours before applying a coating. Highly recommend. Really great user experience. Only product I’ve ever left a review on cause it’s that easy to use.

  2. Tim Pitcher

    Super fantastic. LVR 403 Foam Pad Polish is superb on Black, BUT, equally great on medium /dark paint! My 22 YO Red Saturn is eye-popping & it also looks great on Blues and Greens.

    Foam Pad Polish adds Xtreme depth & gloss for the win! Go for it, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  3. Jason Winslow (verified owner)

    This stuff is simply fantastic. I have two darker charcoal metallic vehicles. LVR 403 adds great depth, crazy gloss and is ridiculously to use. On top of having outstanding products, Xtreme Solutions provides industry leading customer service, with a personal touch.

  4. Craig Midili (verified owner)

    I used LVR 403 on a red 2019 Toyota Camry SE and it was quite enjoyable to apply in my limited experience. The slickness of the finish was so smooth after doing a couple passes and the gloss was blinding in the late afternoon summer sun.

    LVR 403 was followed up with Xtreme Solutions Poly Seal and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the final results.

  5. JR (verified owner)

    Used this after levelling with Meg 105. WOW! Two passes took out almost all the spider-webs and hologramming . Even on VW Reflex Silver, the depth and shine, the “hardness” of the gloss is just superb. Super easy to apply, great open time, and easy removal of the trace of hazing left behind. I’m a distinct fanboi of Xtreme Solutions now.

  6. Steve (verified owner)

    First time using this product. All I can say is wow! Gloss is off the charts and very easy to use. Great product!!

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