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LVR 363 Clear Coat Hand Polish is a “Stage 2” polish specially formulated to be used by hand.



LVR 363 Clear Coat Hand Polish is a Stage 2 polish that is for all multi-stage and clear coat finishes. Clear Coat Hand Polish is a very easy to use high gloss finishing polish that will remove light oxidation and minor surface imperfections. May be used as a  second step in a two-step process for basecoat-clearcoat paint finishes. This rich polish produces a brilliant, high-gloss finish and adds an “XTREME”  depth of color and gloss! LVR 363 Clear Coat Polish can be used with a high speed buffer, orbital buffer or by hand.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well –

With high speed buffer: Apply product evenly to a 2 sq.ft.  area. Begin buffing with sufficient pressure to remove imperfections, easing up gradually as gloss is achieved.

By hand: Apply evenly with soft towel. Let haze Wipe off with terry cloth.

  • STAGE 2
  • 2800 – 3000 grit/sand scratch removal
  • VOC Compliant



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