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Longevity Tire Shine a water-based tire shine that will not run off when it gets wet.



Longevity is an exclusively formulated dressing specifically designed for tires! A super-rich, very unique, water-based dressing that is non-toxic as well as non-flammable. This product will produce the brightest gloss ever seen on the side wall of a tire! Once allowed to set, Longevity’s water-resistant, long lasting shine, makes Longevity the perfect choice for used-car reconditioning.

Directions:  Place Longevity in a well marked container.  Recommended use for Longevity is at full strength and should be applied with a foam applicator pad.  Allow Longevity to set before moving vehicle to avoid splatter.


*Larger Sizes Available. Please Contact 877-Ask-Xtreme or sales@877askxtreme.com for details*

Please Note: Spigots for 5gal containers are sold separately.


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