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Tired of giving out gift cards because you can’t think of what to buy for that special someone for the holidays? Xtreme Solutions has got you covered and we’ve made it easier than writing “Wash Me” on their dirty car window! Xtreme Solutions’ Jump Starter Wash Bundle is the perfect gift for anyone that just wants a simply clean car . The Jump Starter Holiday Wash Bundle has everything someone needs to keep their car clean and you won’t drain your wallet in the process!

The Jump Starter Holiday Wash Bundle includes all of the following and a beautiful holiday fabric gift bag, just in case you want to share:

  • 1pint – Xtreme Suds
  • 1pint – Showroom Elegance
  • 1 Synthetic Wash Mitt
  • 2 Microfiber Detailing Towels

Xtreme Suds Car Wash is an extremely versatile product for use in all vehicle washing applications. High-foaming surfactants, detergents, water softeners, and soil emulsifiers which dissolve road film, oil, grease, and dirt while rinsing away with ease. The thick, decadent suds, and a pH neutral formula makes Xtreme Suds Car Wash the ultimate way to wash your car. The concentrated formula produces more suds with less product and always rinses clean for a spot free finish that won’t scratch or leave behind water spots.

Showroom Elegance is the ultimate in new and used car maintenance, working quickly and easily on every surface of the vehicle. Xtreme Solutions developed this product to safely remove dust, mild road grime, finger prints and daily contamination – leaving behind an incredible shine! No streaking, no build-up, no film or residue. Just spray and wipe. The results are amazing!

High quality synthetic wash mitt is suitable for use in high volume commercial environments as well as home use that will withstand cleaning by a pressure washer. Soft and plush to give you a safe clean surface every time when washing your car! Elastic wrist cuff to ensure a safe and secure wash.

Xtreme Solutions’ microfiber detailing towel does an incredible job of cleaning wet or dry surfaces and can be used for the application of a wide variety of products! These towels are durable and can be rewashed over and over again for multiple uses. These microfiber detailing towels are 16?x16? and are made of an 80/20 polyester, polyamide blend that allows them to clean dirty surfaces and other blemishes left behind quickly


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