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Jade A64 Tire Protectant will completely change the way you view tire dressings. Jade A64 Tire Protectant is an acrylic based tire dressing that is water-based, non-hazardous, silicone free, and dries to the touch in minutes at room temperature. Jade A64 forms a hard, durable coating on the tire yet remains very flexible. The dressing locks out water, repels dirt & contaminants and lasts months instead of weeks over a conventional, silicone based tire dressing. The level of gloss can be customized by layering the product with additional applications.

Directions: This product is ready-to-use and can be applied with traditional tire dressing applicators. Dispense the product onto the applicator and apply evenly across the tire’s surfaces with special attention to the whitewalls
and tread. For additional gloss, apply additional coats after allowing 15 minutes to cure dry. Product cures dry to the touch over the course of application

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