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Grab the essentials in one quick stop with the Xtreme Solution’s Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit.  Wash, clean, and shine with these four amazing products. Includes four Ready-To-Use 8oz containers:

*NEW* Yellow Jacket Multi Surface Cleaner is a blend of selected surfactants and cleaners which easily cleans all wheels/rims. Considered to be an “old-school” degreaser, Yellow Jacket is also recommended for cleaning mats, black walls and engines.

VOC Black Rally Tire Shine is a deep-penetrating, long-lasting solvent-based silicon dressing for use on tires and moldings.

Xtreme Suds Car Wash is an extremely versatile product for use in all vehicle washing applications.

Showroom Elegance is  the  ultimate in new and used car maintenance, working quickly and easily on every surface of the vehicle. Xtreme Solutions developed  this product to safely remove dust, mild road grime, finger prints and daily contamination – leaving behind an incredible shine!


NOTE: Due to nationwide plastic shortages, product bottles/containers may vary from picture shown.


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