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Stop Spending Hours Scrubbing Those Stubborn Stains, Filth, and Dirt in your carpet and upholstery. Instead, easily remove them with our Time and Effort Saver 5” Wood Block Rotary Brush that directly mounts to any Rotary Polisher with the 5/8 in.-11 drive thread. The brush life is extended by the metal threaded opening. The 1.25” semi-stiff nylon bristles make shampooing fast, easy and effective.

Use on your carpet and upholstery in the vehicle interior, in your home or office. No more ineffective hand-scrubbing those nasty carpets in the SUV cargo areas or vehicle trunks by hand. Excellent Choice for auto mats and spot scrubbing anywhere you find those hard to remove stains. Use it at home on carpeted stairs, closet floors, corners and edges, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Stop Ineffective Hand Scrubbing that cannot get the job done! The dirt and filth is trapped inside the carpet or upholstery fibers making it impossible to remove by hand. But, your rotary polisher combined with our Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo Scrub Brush agitates the carpet fibers, effectively removing the dirt particles trapped deep inside them


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