To answer your question in a word: ABSOLUTELY! X-Celerator (formerly known as Gamma Dry during beta testing). X-Celerator should be diluted between 6:1 (6 parts water to 1 part X-Celerator) and 8:1 (8 parts water to 1 part X-Celerator). If you are noticing any streaking, just add a little more water.

NOTE: X-Celerator should be applied conservatively, using only a light mist. Just a few pulls of the trigger and wipe excess with a clean mircofiber.

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This depends on the product used to wax or seal the car and environmental conditions the car is exposed to. For vehicles driven daily, we recommend applying wax every 3-6 months. More frequent waxing is needed if your car is red, black or white, as these colors are more susceptible to acid rain and UV rays.

A polish is designed to remove minor surface imperfections such as scratches, spotting and oxidation. Polishes work with abrasives and/or chemical cleaners to flatten or level, the surface. For example, a clear coat scratch can reflect light from its microscopic edges. That’s what makes it stand out from the surrounding area. A polish can smooth out, or level, the edges, reducing the amount of light the scratch reflects. In many cases, a polish can completely remove minor surface scratches and other imperfections.

A wax or sealant is designed to enhance and protect a previously polished surface. This protection is necessary to keep airborne pollutants, road film and other contaminants from sticking to the surface, causing potentially long term damage. Some single-step products combine the cut of a polish with the shine and protection of a wax. They work great when speed is important, but are not as effective as a two-step polish/wax process

We recommend that you use a detailing clay bar or a clay towel.  Detailing clay is safe to use on all finishes as long as the surface is well lubricated. Straight water typically does not provide enough lubrication and we strongly recommend you use a lubrication designed to work with detailing clay such as Xtreme Solution’s X-Lube.

Cleaning windows without streaks is easy.  Always use streak free window cleaner, such as Ammonia Fortified Glass Cleaner or Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, and two CLEAN towels (note: Ammonia fortified Glass Cleaner is not recommended for use on After-Market Window Tinting as it can turn the tinting purple) .  Use the first towel for initial wiping and the other towel to polish or dry the glass.  The second towel removes the streaks, and it should never be wet.  TIP: Clean the interior windows horizontally and the exterior windows vertically. By doing so, you can easily identify which side of the window the streak is on!

We recommend that you use RV’N Trailer Wash, diluted 4:1.  RV ’N Trailer Wash is great for cutting road film, cleaning diesel smoke equipment, and degreasing vehicles. Watch as the dark streaks vanish quickly and easily with very little effort!

Yes, this is true.  Never wash your car with dish soap.  The chemicals used in dish soap will strip the protective coating from your cars finish, leaving the paint exposed the UV rays, and other harmful elements.  Always used soap that is made for automotive use.  If you have no choice but to use dish soap make sure you apply wax to your paint after washing.


At least once per year. Detailing has proven to be effective in getting you a better resale/trade-in price.  So, if you are planning on selling/trading your car, make sure to have it detailed within a week of selling/trading it.

It is usually when selling a vehicle that most people consider detailing. But, by that time (an average of 5 years) the vehicle has too much wear and tear to restore it to a like new condition. That’s why we urge our customers to think of auto detailing as a maintenance program the same as changing the fluids, getting a tune-up or rotating the tires. Most people don’t realize that in most cases, it is less expensive to replace the engine than to replace a “factory paint job”! We recommend at least 2 to 5 times a year depending on your driving and car washing habits and how you store your vehicle. Is it parked inside or outside most of the time? Do you wash it every other day or maybe only once a month? How do you wash it? Do you spend so much time in your vehicle that you feel like it’s your home? These are just some of the determining factors that we consider in recommending what maintenance schedule is best for you.


Yes. Below are just some of the reasons.

Steam is a powerful degreaser, without the need for chemicals
Steam disinfects, without the need for chemicals
Steam sanitizes, without the need for chemicals
Uses much less water (as little as 1 gallon per hour)
No residual soap left behind

Auto detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. Car detailing is an important single process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. It is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition.


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